Blendtec Vs Vitamix - Which Super Blender is Right for Smoothies?

Blendtec Vs Vitamix Review for 2017Buy a high speed mixer is not like buying a thrifty (vegetable peeler). Since this is a considerable investment, it is better to choose not regret the purchase and enjoy with it.
Blendtec Vs Vitamix

The parameters to be considered are not the same for everyone, so you have to give more importance to certain criteria and forget those who have less magnitude for the device to meet OUR needs and not the needs of a blogger or blogger we like.


Purify Your Body with a Juice Fast - Guide and Tips for 2017

As Americans it is safe to say that we consume far too much sugar, fat, and protein. The reality of it is that we actually just eat too many things that aren’t particularly good for us, so purify your body with a juice fast. Fasting has become more and more of a way to cleanse the body of all the junk we put into it. Not just any fast is a good fast however but a juice fast is becoming quickly on the top of the popularity charts.
Purify Your Body with a Juice Fast


Healthy Green smoothies and green juices: what is the best?

To make green juices using a centrifuge or a juicer, it is the best solution, I'll explain below why. For healthy green smoothies using a blender. The main difference between juice and smoothies is that the juice extractor separates the fibers juice, while the blender maintains all fibers.
Best Healthy Green smoothies
Healthy green smoothie for breakfast

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