Blendtec Vs Vitamix - Which Super Blender is Right for Smoothies?

Blendtec Vs Vitamix Review for 2017Buy a high speed mixer is not like buying a thrifty (vegetable peeler). Since this is a considerable investment, it is better to choose not regret the purchase and enjoy with it.
Blendtec Vs Vitamix

The parameters to be considered are not the same for everyone, so you have to give more importance to certain criteria and forget those who have less magnitude for the device to meet OUR needs and not the needs of a blogger or blogger we like.

I will try to isolate the most relevant criteria in general but it is for you as a buyer cautioned to consider those who are important to you.

Here we compare the Vita-Mix 5200 Blendtec Total Blender and WildSide which are two equivalent models. The differences between the "standard Total Blender" and "Total Blender Wild-side" Blendtec is the design of the bottle and the blade but these differences allow the WildSide totally overshadow her little brother for about 50 dollars more. 

Note that the Blendtec basic kit only comes with a 32 oz pitcher with the blade 3 inches. If you opt for the Blendtec, make sure you choose the "WildSide" with the jug 96 ounces and the 4-inch blade.

Blendtec Vs Vitamix Featured 

Durability and warranty

Although the two mixers are of equivalent quality, the Vita-Mix is ​​heavier than the Blendtec, it gives the impression of being more robust therefore more durable. 4.8 kg of the Vita-Mix make it more stable than Blendtec 3.2 kilos. 

And if we add the 7-year guarantee against the Vita-Mix 3 years of Blendtec, it gives a sense of confidence that each company have in their product.


Blendtec offers since 2011 a guarantee of 7 years as Vita-Mix but only for the United States. Although most Canadian traders seem to offer the same guarantee of 7 years, the guarantee of Blendtec can vary from one business to another, call us. In Canada, Costco offers a guaranteed 8 years.


The Blendtec can operate in automatic or manual mode. The automatic mode has 6 different pre-programmed cycles activated by the push of a button. Each cycle varies his speed and stops automatically after the specified period. 

For example the cycle for milkshakes is: 15 seconds on low speed 10 seconds at medium speed and 10 seconds at low speed. Manual mode lets you change the speed using the arrows; 10 speeds are possible. In manual mode the unit will stop automatically after 50 seconds of a shift.

Fully manual, the Vita-Mix gives us total control over the behavior of the unit with a speed dimmer switches and Variable / High. We must remain close against the unit to manually stop but for less than a minute, this is not really a problem.

A tip: before starting the device it is prudent to ensure that the speed is at least if not, starting up, it surprises! This kind of surprise does not happen with the Blendtec which always starts at low speed.


Vita-tamper mix button is a plastic sleeve that is going on in the opening of the cover provided for this purpose to push content to the blade. Blendtec refuses to provide a push on the grounds that the design of their blade and their jug ​​"WildSide" would make it unnecessary. 

Yet for some uses such as nut butters need a way to push back the butter very consistent towards the blade, then we must stop the machine and do the job with any tool. Vita-Mix provides a model because with all its design (4 blades and closer carafe) in Souvant use requires more than Blendtec, sometimes even for some smoothies.


The Vita-Mix will not fit in any kitchen cabinets, especially using the pushbutton, you must then get out from under the cabinet to use. For smaller spaces, the Blendtec is very advantageous.

Blendtec also offers a model that can be built into the counter to save even more space, by cons it is much more expensive.


Both jars are made of BPA-free copolyester. That of WildSide has a capacity of 96 ounces, while that of Vita-Mix contains 64 ounces.

The handle of the Vita-Mix pitcher is more ergonomic and offers a comfortable grip making it convenient to move heavy container when full.

Vita-Mix also offers a more compact model with blade jar for dry ingredients that can be purchased separately. This jar is not essential, you can do anything with the base jar, and it is simply a specialized Additional option. Note that Blendtec does not offer specialized jar.


The Vita-Mix is ​​always a bit more expensive than the Blendtec. Prices vary from a pay to another but there are differences of 6% to 18% between the two blendeurs. For example in Canada, for basic sets, the Vita-Mix sells $ 579 while the Blendtec Wildside is $ 545, a difference of $ 34 (6%). 

The price pitchers sold separately: $ 179 for the standard pitcher Vita-mix against $ 139 for the Blendtec Wildside. The Vita-Mix blade can be removed with the aid of a special tool which allows sharpening and prolonging the life expectancy of the pitcher. 

The Blendtec does not allow this operation and therefore requires buying a new pitcher when the blade no longer cuts.


Difficult to find data on this, but it seems that the 2 devices emit near 100 decibels, which is the equivalent of being three meters of a subway car or 1 meter of a lawn mower essence. If we rely on the general opinion on the forums, the Vita-mix is ​​still less noisy than the Blendtec.

If price is not a consideration for you, you can take a look at the commercial branches of the two companies that offer models with a soundproof cabin as the Quiet One Vita-mix or ABC Q-Series of Wildside Blendtec. The noise levels of these models revolve around 60 decibels.


I covered this in another article, but in summary the two blenders are more powerful than necessary, it is not a criterion that should influence your choice.


In short, the two blenders have the same power, the basic BLENDTECH being only slightly more powerful (1/4 HP) than the Vita-Mix. The real differences lie in the details and responsibility of personal preference: the Vita-Mix has a push that is useful for some recipes, but the ranks BLENDTECH more easily under a cabinet. 

Vita-mix has manual controls while BLENDTECH has in addition to the pre-programmed cycles; Vita-Mix has a longer warranty, but it is more expensive than BLENDTECH. 

One thing is certain, the Vita-Mix 5200 and the Total Blender Blendtec WildSide are both powerful enough to make any recipe, raw or cooked ... unless you want to liquefy an iPhone or a bottle of Old Spice! In this case, the Extreme Blendtec Blender you need, but this model is two to three times more expensive than the basic model!

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