Healthy Green smoothies and green juices: what is the best?

To make green juices using a centrifuge or a juicer, it is the best solution, I'll explain below why. For healthy green smoothies using a blender. The main difference between juice and smoothies is that the juice extractor separates the fibers juice, while the blender maintains all fibers.
Best Healthy Green smoothies
Healthy green smoothie for breakfast

The advantages and disadvantages of Healthy Green smoothies and juices

Green juice


  • Better digestion and better absorption of nutrients: the lack of fiber you need very little energy to digest your juice and then the body better absorbs nutrients.
  • Juices give you an energy boost.
  • There is a higher concentration of nutrients in a juice.
  • A juice extractor operating at low speed (about 80 revolutions / min) this will have the effect of preserving a maximum of enzymes.


  • It takes longer to make a smoothie juice.
  • You will need a lot more fruits and vegetables for a glass of juice a glass of smoothie.
  • Juices oxidize rapidly, so it is necessary to drink them quickly.
  • For the lazy, it may take longer to clean a puller.

Green smoothies


  • In addition to fruits and vegetables, a smoothie can contain many more good things than juice: in fact, you can add super foods, powdered vegetable protein, nuts, berries, etc.
  • Fiber is essential for the elimination of waste / toxins and cleansing our intestines.
  • In addition, the fiber consumption causes a feeling of satiety, which reduces cravings for snacks.
  • Smoothies oxidize much less rapidly than the juice.
  • It is faster to do a green smoothie a green juice.
  • You can replace a meal with a green smoothie without hunger until the next meal.
  • Preference will be given for a cure detox smoothies through fiber that help remove wastes / toxins.


  • For the same volume, there are fewer nutrients in a smoothie in a glass of juice.
  • As the speed of a blender juicer (around 25000 rev / min for my Vitamix blender) is much higher than that of a juice extractor, heat can destroy some nutrients which are why I recommend to first mix the fruit green vegetables and then 30 seconds maximum.

Due to the high speed of a blender, you get a healthy green smoothies at room temperature see warm, even with vegetables and fruits that were cool. It is therefore necessary to add ice cubes if you want a fresh smoothie.

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